Writing Samples


There was a time when food was closer to us – dirt darkened our fingers and every bite we took was flavored with the work we put into creating it. We tasted each morsel with reverence because we knew where it came from and how much labor it took to bring it into being. Factory farming has distanced us from our plates, dried out our gardens and separated us from our bodies until we are no longer sure what we are putting into them. There is a way to counteract the insidious reach of perfectly formed yet unhealthy and tasteless mass produced filler. We only need to reach beyond the plastic packaging and open our eyes and mouths to what is right next door.

Restoring Damaged Ecosystems

An unhealthy fervor for speed, ease and high volume output has taxed certain of the earth’s food resources almost to the point of annihilation. Oysters, for example, were overfished and damaged by pollution. They survive and thrive, however, in fisheries along the bays of New York and New Jersey. These small, local farmers take care to harvest oysters responsibly, adapting their techniques to ensure a population that is 100% sustainable. … read more


The ignition point of change is lower than you think. Transformation in thinking tends to smolder beneath the surface a while before bursting into the light. We need to give ourselves permission to shift perceptions and we search for ways to explore the consequences in safety. We do this through creative expression. We draw pictures, make videos and write endless tales of every permutation of a theme our greedy minds can come up with. We hunger for new ways of seeing things. … read more


A tantalizing proposition is wending its way out of the barren desert of female-led superhero films … Ghostbusters … with women! Yes you read that correctly, director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) and writing partner Katie Dippold (The Heat) are penning a script for a reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise featuring an all female cast of demon fighters. In a genre where women are woefully under-represented this could be a very good thing. Or is it? Could the casting of four women in the lead roles be a cynical gimmick initiated in a studio pr office desperate for press to boost a failing franchise? … read more


Our most powerful stories are fashioned out of the things we fear. We delight in terrorizing ourselves into leaping from chairs with popcorn flying or huddling further beneath blankets with a tattered paperback and a flashlight. Science, horror and fantasy fiction writers reach deep inside the shadowed places of their psyches and dazzle us with creatures built of desperate imagination. Where do these flights of fancy come from? What does it take to craft a monster so capable of overcoming our defenses that we are left scrambling to check under the bed and shut tight the closet door? … read more


Last Christmas is a bittersweet walk through a world of subverted reality. Everything fans see is a veil and dreams must be parted like pieces of cloth in order to find what truly lies underneath. The Dream Crabs themselves are flesh wrapped around pretty little lies that eat away at their victims’ brains until they no longer see what lies plain in front of them. They are deadly and seductive because escaping from their grasp only happens when one is willing to face the reality of a life that may not be all one would like. … read more


The longevity of Doctor Who is built on the strength of character. Fantasy is most powerful when held up as a mirror to our own perception of reality. It’s a way of stepping back from the distortions that shadow our senses and peeking at the world sideways. Sometimes the only way to see something is to peer out of another person’s eyes.

The people of series eight Doctor Who are a sly and clever mix of old and new. They may stand on the sidelines but always seek to push the boundaries of the Time Lord’s journey. They serve to illuminate the Doctor while presenting engaging stories in their own right. A character comes alive when allowed to change and evolve and the writers of series eight take great care in allowing this to happen.

From mythical heroes to damaged soldiers to old foes in new dress, series eight is rife with living, breathing people who contribute greatly to the depth and richness of the Doctor’s story. Let’s take a look at the characters of series eight that we will never forget. … read more