I’ve never been to San Diego Comic Con. I may never go because yeah, crowds … not so fond of those. I adore, however, all the stuff that comes out of a con of that size and how easy it is to access it online. Each year media providers are more willing to share outside of the constraints of the convention hall. The Doctor Who series 9 trailer, for example, was available online before it was shown to the people on the floor.

The arts and entertainment industry is experiencing a paradigm shift and I maintain it is a welcome one. The community is less insular, the audience reach broader, the ways in which content is viewed less controlled. This is a scary thing for those who mete out content because there is so much unpredictability in the response they may receive. Information travels at lightning speed these days and bad advance word-of-mouth can kill a project’s chances long before the finished product is ever released.

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