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As a child some of my most treasured possessions were coloring books. My grandmother had a whole drawer of them and every time we visited I spent happy hours turning black and white pages into worlds of vibrant color. I had no idea, however, that coloring books for adults were so popular until I stumbled upon a blog post about self publishing that mentioned the trend. I was so happy! Coloring my own drawings is one of my favorite things to do and learning that other adults still enjoyed that kind of thing was fantastic. I started to wonder what it would be like to craft a book of my own artwork that people could color.

The truth is I love collaborating. Some of the most fulfilling moments of my life were working on larger projects that wouldn’t exist without the skill and input of other people. The idea of creating something that other people would then take and add their own creative flair to just wouldn’t leave my head. So I sat down and started drawing.

I decided to choose a subject I especially love. I’ve been drawing animals since I was 3 years old and I’ve never really stopped. But something happened as I made my way through the pictures. They began to tell a story. I suddenly had these characters in my head speaking back and forth to each other and I couldn’t resist writing down what they were saying. I was still crafting a coloring book but now each drawing became another peek into the mysterious world of L and Z. The best thing is that the story is only complete when the reader adds their own personal touch by coloring the pictures. Each book will be different, not only telling L and Z’s story but that of the colorist as well.

Orangeroof Zoo: A Chronicle for Colorists can be found on Amazon.

There is also an ebook version.

I hope people share with me some of the pages they have colored. I would love to see what others create.




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